According to recent studies, over 60% of drivers admit to being on their phones while driving through a parking lot. Being distracted while driving can pose a serious threat to both the passengers and the driver. Also, there have been several car break-ins in poorly-lit parking lots. Here are a few tips to help keep your vehicle safe in a parking lot.


Choose Somewhere Well-Lit

If you’re planning on parking your car in a garage or an airport parking lot for a couple of weeks, ensure that the facility has good lighting. A well-lit garage can help keep criminals at bay and prevent them from vandalizing or breaking into your vehicle.


You can also use apps or websites to search for and compare parking spaces. These tools allow you to check out the different features of the facility and its rates.


Lock Your Car

Unfortunately, many drivers fail to lock their cars after they’ve parked. This is the easiest way to prevent theft, no matter where you park. Ensure that your windows are rolled up, and take the keys with you when you leave.


Keeping your valuables out of sight can also help reduce the likelihood of a break-in. Place them inside the trunk or the glovebox of your car. If you have large items that can only be stored inside the cabin, you can cover them with a blanket or dark cloth. It’s important to lock the doors after you’ve parked to prevent thieves from trying to steal from you while setting up your navigation or making a call.


Don’t Use Your Phone

Although it may seem simple, it’s still important to avoid using your phone while driving. Modern society has made it easy for people to get hooked on their phones and social media. While we may understand the importance of keeping in touch with our loved ones, avoiding other distractions while driving is still important.


According to a study, over 9% of all fatal accidents in parking facilities are caused by drivers backing out of a slot while using headphones or earphones. This can prevent the drivers from being able to see and hear the pedestrians in the area.


Follow the Rules

If you’re planning on parking in a mall or parking lot, ensure that you follow the safety protocols the facility sets. These include looking both ways before entering the lot, staying in the designated lanes, and staying in the center of the lines. Many facilities have directional arrows, stop signs, and yield signs.


The lines in the parking lot’s aisles are designed to guide you to the spaces. If you’re planning on cutting the lines to get around the parking area, you should avoid doing so as it could block the pedestrian passages or impair the flow of traffic. Also, staying in the designated lanes can help reduce the likelihood of a collision. Finally, look both ways before you exit a parking space.


Reverse Into Your Parking Space

One of the biggest advantages of reversing into a parking space is that it can reduce your blind spots. If you’ve been backing out of a parking space, you might have noticed that it can be hard to spot other vehicles and pedestrians. Instead, reversing into the space allows you to drive forward once you’re ready to leave.


Some people may find it impossible to reverse into a parking space. However, practicing this simple step can help minimize the risk of an accident in the facility. Having fewer blind spots can also make it easier to spot hazards in the path of your vehicle.


Another important tip that can help minimize the risk of an accident is to walk around your vehicle before setting off. This will allow you to inspect the area for debris and ensure that all the doors and windows are closed.


These are some of the safety tips that we hope will help keep you and other road users safe when it comes to parking in a parking garage.