The City of New York has regulations governing car parking in designated areas. These regulations are part of the city’s traffic rules.


In addition to having regulations regarding the parking of cars, the city is a designated tow-away zone. This means that vehicles that are parked or operated illegally can be towed. Parking and stopping are permitted in designated areas on certain holidays, such as those that are legal holidays. However, these rules are only enforced seven days a week in certain areas.


Parking two or more passenger vehicles in the same space is illegal, regardless of the purpose or duration of the parking. An occupied car can cause the same congestion and safety hazard as an unoccupied vehicle.


Side Parking

In New York, various alternate side regulations allow for street cleaning. The parking rules are also posted on the city’s calendar. These regulations allow for the suspension of parking on certain religious and legal holidays.


Fire Hydrants

It is also illegal to park in the area near a fire hydrant, even on floating parking lanes.



The enforcement of parking regulations falls under the control of the New York City Police. If you have any questions regarding the procedures or policies used by the police in ticketing or enforcing traffic laws, please contact the department.



The most restrictive sign posted for the area where you want to park is the one in effect. If the sign isn’t there, the remaining regulations are in effect. Before you park, make sure that all signs are in place and that you’re aware of the conditions in the area.


Curb Cuts

A curb cut is a sidewalk lowered or cut down to make it easier for people to access the street. If you want a T-intersection that would allow for a pedestrian crossing in a specific place, please contact the Department of Transportation (DOT) to see if it’s feasible.


School Zones

In school zones, parking is permitted when classes are in recess. Motorists should be aware that certain schools may be open during summer vacations and holidays, which may result in parking restrictions. Even if students are not in class, the parking regulations will still apply on days when the schools are open for regular activities or teacher meetings. To check on the status of a particular school, go to the city’s website at 311.