About Gregg Reuben


Gregg Reuben is a driven professional with over twenty-five years of experience in the parking management systems. Reuben attended Harvard Business School, and remains active with alumni activities to this day.

Upon graduation, Gregg joined Autofair America as the owner. Reuben then sold the company and moved on to ABM Parking, one of the United States’ largest parking management companies. From there, Reuben went on to found Alliance Parking in 2003. Alliance Parking was sold in 2015 and Reuben then served as SP Plus Corporation’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director for the Tri-State Region. Gregg held this position for over two years before moving on to his current role as the CEO of Centerpark. Reuben is also the founder of Intellipark, another parking management company. Intellipark serves as CenterPark’scounterpart, working with technology and advisory issues. Gregg Reuben is one of the most successful owners in the parking management business!

Centerpark is based in New York, New York and is focused on re-positioning parking properties in gateway cities. Their mission is to eventually become one of the largest parking facilities in large cities over the next ten years. What sets Centerpark apart from the competition? Reuben ensures that Centerpark is a modern parking facility that is eco-friendly and easy to use. Centerpark provides mixed-use parking opportunities and has even won several awards of excellence.  In 2015, Centerpark was awarded Harvard Business School’s Best Business Strategy Competition and in 2016, Reuben’s company was a finalist in Harvard Business School’s New Venture Competition.  Recently Centerpark invested $100M into parking properties across New York and plans to continue to expand.

When Gregg Reuben is not working, you can find him serving his community in numerous capacities. Reuben is on the Board of Directors for Henry Kaufmann campgrounds. He helps young entrepreneurs at UJA Federation’s Young Leadership Roundtable, volunteers at the Mission in Bowery and is a member of the National Parking Association.

Gregg Reuben is a dynamic and driven professional who is constantly looking for ways to improve his business. With over twenty-five years of experience working in the parking management industry, Reuben is well versed in running successful parking operations. Reuben has proven this time and again, and will continue to do so. He credits his success to his work ethic and his passion for the job. Follow Reuben here and at www.Gregg-reuben.net.

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