Being a mentor can be difficult. You might feel like you’re not doing anything for the person you are mentoring and that they don’t appreciate what you’re doing. But if you want to build a long-term relationship with them, it is important to create a helpful and engaging plan. As your relationship develops, both parties will find ways to get what they need from the other so they can both be successful in their respective careers.

People would agree that one of the most fulfilling things in life is to be a mentor. For those who are blessed to find themselves as mentors, it’s important to know how best one can proceed with this role. Here are some tactics that will help make your mentorship more effective;

For mentors to be most effective, they first need a comprehensive understanding of the mentee’s goals and background. This will provide the best means of helping and offer advice on making the mentee successful in their goals. The methods by which this information is obtained can vary. Some of them include One-on-one face time one on one meetings, reading their resume or LinkedIn profile, or attending a company meeting where the new hire is introduced.

The mentor must gain information about the mentee and their environment. This will be crucial as it addresses risks, outside relationships, and conflicts of interest. This is done through own research or by simply talking to the other people with whom the mentee is friends. The only way to truly know what this information entails is by asking the mentee directly. 

Once the mentor has obtained all the needed information, it’s time to turn it over to them. After doing a bit of introspection, you can find areas where your mentee may need improvement. This will help them grow and become a more efficient employee. Make sure these suggestions are realistic and achievable. The mentee should have the ability to complete their goal in a time frame that’s reasonable for them.

Mentoring others is a serious commitment, and there must be trust between the mentor and mentee. If the mentee feels like you have their best interests in mind, they will be more likely to value your thoughts and advice. Be open to any questions and stay in touch with them throughout their journey. These simple things and finding out about their history will provide the best way for you to become a successful mentor.