Collaboration is critical for effective organizations, but this process is becoming more difficult with new technologies and increasing demands. Successful teams must handle complex projects and efficiently manage their time. Here are some practical tips that can help facilitate better collaboration in the workplace:

1. Cultivate openness and transparency

Projects that work efficiently share information freely and openly. Enabling your employees to communicate with each other can be as simple as implementing a more active email system that makes it easy to identify who has sent and received which messages. Giving all team members read-only access to each others’ inboxes can also help keep everyone on the same page.

2. Establish a judgment-free idea-sharing culture

A judgment-free idea-sharing culture is crucial to facilitate effective collaboration. It can be achieved by removing the fear of being judged and encouraging teamwork. Ideas should be shared openly and without any pre-judgment. In this way, employees can help each other succeed and learn from each other, even when their ideas differ from the status quo.

3. Encourage collaboration across departments

While many businesses have silos and hierarchies that prevent collaboration across different departments, getting everyone to work together is important to building a successful team. Whenever possible, your employees should be encouraged to collaborate with people outside of their department.

4. Lead from the top down

Establishing a culture of collaboration from the top down is one of the most effective ways to facilitate better communication in the workplace. It starts with management encouraging teamwork and setting an example by collaborating with their team members.

5. Offer positivity and rewards

Communication flows best when everyone feels positive and as though they are being heard. One of the keys to making that happen is rewarding good behavior when it happens. Be sure to praise and reward your team members for being open with each other, offering good ideas, and following through on their commitments.

6. Have the right technology in place

Technology can help facilitate collaboration, but the right technology is critical. Your team members need a way to communicate and work together easily and a way to access information when needed. A sound email system with shared inboxes, wiki-like apps that allow you to upload and store documents, and a company blog can all help your team function efficiently.


Effective collaboration is a critical part of any successful business. By implementing these tips into your daily work, you can make your team more efficient and effective.